Benefits of The SHAYDE Beauty Charcoal Mask

Benefits of The SHAYDE Beauty Charcoal Mask

Face masks have been of one the most effective ways to detoxify while also hydrating the skin. 

The SHAYDE Beauty Charcoal mask is produced using activated charcoal, which is an effective tool that absorbs toxic materials and oil from the skin. Charcoal has been used as skincare for years in many cultures. This face mask has become the new trend for skin treatment in recent years due to its ability to remove scars, blemishes, impurities and even skin tone.

Here are the top benefits of using a charcoal face mask:

Charcoal acts as a great exfoliator: The SHAYDE Beauty charcoal mask will leave you with an even complexion by exfoliating the dead cells that are responsible for giving a dull look to the skin. It also has the ability to make your skin tone even due to its natural cleansing ability, and even helps to get rid of impurities in your skin.

Charcoal helps to cleanse the skin: Due to our daily activities, we are constantly being exposed to pollution and dirt that gets trapped in the pores of our skin which can cause blemishes, acne, and scars to the skin that make it appear dull. Charcoal helps to detoxify the skin by removing the impurities beneath the top epidermis layer of your skin which improves the appearance of pores and makes a difference that you can see and feel.

An activated charcoal mask is therapeutic: Activated charcoal masks doesn’t just give the skin an amazing appearance, feels amazing and refreshing. Using the SHAYDE Beauty charcoal mask is a great way to wind down after the end of a long day at the office.

SHAYDE Beauty's triple-action-detoxifying-rose scented mask is a plant-based and non-toxic face mask that is made up of 3-essential elements to improve your skin appearance which are;

Activated charcoal ------- Removes surface impurities and toxins.

Kaolin Clay   ---------  Reduces pore size.

Organic Lecithin ----- Pulls moisture deep into the skin revealing a healthy glow.

This rose scented mask is made up of indulgent formulas like paraben, sulfate, BHT, and is talc-free, which collectively act as a magnet to capture deep-set impurities and toxins. The SHAYDE Beauty charcoal mask will leave you with smooth, naturally exfoliated, and enriched skin.

While most charcoal face masks lend well to dry skin, SHAYDE Beauty has combined the powerful technology of lecithin, which acts as a humectant to retain moisture and provide the nourishment our skin needs for all skin types.